Inclusion Of Students Of All Abilities

Orchard Academy wholeheartedly welcomes children of all abilities, and our inclusive approach to education offers a rewarding academic experience for all students regardless of skill level. 

Developed 25 years ago by Chuck Stockwell, a former elementary school principal and educator with a background in special education and general education, the Stockwell Model of education is based on observations made while working with students of varying skill levels and abilities in a traditional academic setting.

Through a unique blend of Continuous Progress Mastery Learning, a developmental approach to education, and a focus on educating the “whole child,” Orchard Academy utilizes mixed-age classrooms and relies on daily evaluations by teachers to meet students where they are in terms of ability and education -- offering every child an opportunity to learn at their own pace in a safe, inclusive environment while overcoming individual obstacles according to their own needs.

The Stockwell Model aims to have all students, including those with special academic needs, reading at the appropriate grade level by the end of third grade. To accommodate each child’s academic and physical needs and ensure that every student has the tools to succeed, Orchard Academy employs part-time supplemental staff as needed.

In addition to benefiting children with special needs and learning disabilities, the Stockwell Model also offers benefits for academically gifted children. As students’ skills and abilities continue to advance, they are offered the opportunity to move ahead into more advanced coursework and areas of study.