Education Program and Classroom Organization

Education Program
Orchard Academy provides children with a rigorous, developmentally appropriate education that is differentiated to meet the needs of each child. 

Intellectual rigor in a warm and nurturing environment free of coercive methods and interventions is central to the mission of our academy. We are committed to educating the whole child and holding high expectations for each student’s academic success. 

Our Smart Character Choices character education program is based on internal motivation theory and provides social, emotional, and character-building experiences during daily learning activities. This approach supports children in their moral development and shapes the caring and optimistic culture of the school.

Orchard Academy classrooms consist of multi-age groups of students taught by certified teachers in a team-teaching model. Teachers utilize research-based best practices to optimize the learning for each student, constructing highly engaging, active experiences based on assessments and student interest. 

We are committed to nurturing and developing intellectual habits that are critical to students’ happiness and success as they journey through their school experience.

Classroom Organization 
At Orchard Academy, students are grouped in ungraded, multi-age classrooms led by two teachers. Team teaching, a research-based best practice, provides a collaborative and cooperative atmosphere that is enhanced by small teacher-student ratios.