The Story

In 2018, Orchard Academy was founded with the purpose of creating a local educational center of excellence in Detroit. Orchard Academy was founded by a group of current and future parents who believe that every child deserves the best education regardless of socio economic background or zip code of residence.  

As part of this mission Orchard Academy is focused on providing academic success and educational programming for children that embeds moral and ethical values and character development. Orchard Academy is dedicated to instilling a sense of mission and purpose in life for the students.

Orchard Academy uses the successful Stockwell Model of education and is modeled after the Charyl Stockwell Academy in Hartland. CSA District is a high performing public school district that uses state of the art instructional best practices in a K-12 school setting. The district is made up of three schools: elementary, middle and college preparatory. The academic achievement record of CSA District places it among the top performing school districts in the county and state. More information at 


  • November 2017 - Orchard Academy is Authorized by Central Michigan University
  • January 2018: The School is founded
  • July 2018: Orchard Academy is registered with the Michigan Department of Education and is an official non-profit organization.
  • April 2019: In April The School Board was sworn in as public officials and started monthly board meetings.
  • July 2019: An Awardee of the Charter School Program Grant which was a competitive grant. Was awarded $1,000,000 over the next 3 years.
  • December 2019: $150, 000 in donations in 2019 and commitments to donate the same amount in 2020.
  • February 2020: Location is secured at 10301 Woodward
  • March 2020: Open enrollment and community events scheduled for early 2020